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Charity Auction FAQs

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Question: What sets Signature Auctions apart from the competition?
1. Organizations partnering with Signature Auctions will always deal with one of the principles in our company.
2. Signature Auctions has a huge selection of items, many of which are exclusive to our company. We have conducted signings with almost 100 athletes and have acquired unique items that your audience will not have seen elsewhere.
3. Signature Auctions has three decades of combined experience in the memorabilia industry. We have the expertise at selecting the best items to excite your specific audience.
4. Signature Auctions has a genuine desire to have you succeed in your events and it shows in our efforts. We provide the highest level of customer service and commitment to the charities that we serve.
5. We personally volunteer for several charitable organizations so we have a unique understanding of the fundraising issues that are important to charities.

Question: How much lead-time do you need to assist with an auction? 
Answer: Generally, 6-8 weeks is optimal. There are times of the year when the auction schedule is particularly heavy (May, June, October & November) and the calendar can fill up rather quickly. However, in many cases, if we are contacted within a few weeks of an event, we can still assist you.

Question: I think I’m interested in using Signature Auctions, but I have some questions, what should I do?
Answer: If you fill out our Request Info link with your event details, we will contact you right away to discuss any questions that you may have. Or if you prefer, you can call us toll free at 1-888-4-BID-UPS.

Question: If I decide to use Signature Auctions for my event, what is my next step?
Answer: If you would like to book our services for your next event, we have a straightforward Letter of Agreement that we can fax or email to you. Once a representative of your company signs it, we can get right to work on your auction.

Question: How do I know your autographed items are authentic? 
Answer: Signature Auctions’ parent company, American Legends, has conducted almost 100 signings with athletes including Tom Seaver, Yogi Berra, Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Duke Snider, Jim Palmer, Walt Frazier and many more. We also stock items from major memorabilia companies officially licensed by the professional sports leagues. All items are guaranteed authentic and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Question: How does consignment work? 
Answer: There is NO RISK to you when you receive an item on consignment. You pay for it only if it sells. If it does not sell, you may return it to us.

Question: What is my cost for the auction items?

Answer: We will provide you in advance with the minimum bid of each auction item. If the an item sells, your cost for that item is 80% of its’ minimum bid.

Question: Will you work with charities in different parts of the United States?
Answer: Signature Auctions currently serves New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Question: Who is responsible for the cost of shipping?
Answer: If we are shipping the items to you as part of our Off-Location program, you are responsible for all of the shipping charges. The good news is that we package the items very efficiently to save on the costs. Typically, the shipping works out to $4-$6 per item.

Question: Who is responsible for damage to the items incurred during shipping?
Answer: We ship items insured via UPS, so if anything is lost or damaged in transit to you, we would merely put in a claim with UPS. For any items that do not sell, we suggest that you ship them back to us in the bubble wrap and boxes that your items arrived in and fully insure them with the shipping company that you use.

Question: If you are shipping items to our charity, when do any unsold items need to be returned to Signature Auctions and when do I have to pay for the items that sell?
Answer: Payment for items that sell and the return of any unsold merchandise should commence within a week of the conclusion of the event.

Question: What is the range of minimum bids on the auction items? 
Answer: Generally speaking, the auction items that we offer are in the $100 to $300 range for minimum bids. However, for larger events (particularly galas and other upscale functions), we provide items in the $300 – $1,000 range as well.

Question: What is the smallest amount of items that I can receive and still utilize Signature Auctions? 
Answer: If we’re shipping items to your charity, we have a ten-item minimum. Our experience has shown that with fewer than ten of our items, an auction does not achieve critical mass and does not produce the desired results.

If we’re On-Location at your event, we need to bring a minimum of 25 pieces. For every additional item that we provide, there is a good chance we will appeal to the taste of an additional guest leading to more revenue for your organization. Since there is no risk to you anyway, the more we bring, the more funds you can raise.

Question: If Signature Auction attends my event and processes the payments of my guests, what methods of payment do you accept and when will my organization receive its’ portion of the proceeds?
Answer: Signature Auctions accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks and cash. In almost all cases, we will be able to cut your organization a check for its’ share of the proceeds within 48 hours.

Question: What type of documentation will you provide me with after the auction? 
Answer: In the interest of transparency and accountability, Signature Auctions will provide you with a list of each item that sells along with the final sale price and your portion of the proceeds. This information will be faxed or emailed to you the day after your event or enclosed with your auction payment.

Question: What happens if more than one person wants to buy one of your consignment items?
Answer: In many cases, we have multiples of the same items. Just contact Signature Auctions after your event, and if we have a multiple of the item in question, we would be glad to drop ship it to your guest after you have secured their payment. This is an excellent way to raise even more revenue at your event.