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Jewish Fundraising Events

Signature Auctions is a leading provider of artwork as well as authentic sports and entertainment memorabilia for live and silent auctions at Jewish fundraising events.

For Jewish organizations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Signature Auctions can help you plan and design a stand-alone Live Art Auction Event that will raise thousands of dollars for your group with no financial risk. You will achieve your fundraising goals and treat your supporters to an exciting and entertaining evening featuring 150-175 elegantly framed works of fine and decorative art along with a smattering of sports memorabilia. With popular artists like Marc Chagall, Yaacov Agam, Amram Ebgi, Leroy Neiman and Dan Partouche and sports memorabilia from Tom Seaver, Joe Namath, Sandy Koufax and Mike Richter, your supporters will be thrilled with the selection. For more information on our Live Auction Events, please click here.

Signature Auctions also has a Silent Auction Program that will make your existing fundraisers significantly more profitable.

Fundraising for Jewish organizations has its’ own set of advantages and challenges. Temple fundraisers in particular have the advantage of the ideal venue to attract a loyal and dedicated following. A dinner dance or gala event will frequently pull in the ultimate demographic; couples 35-55 (in their prime earning years), with children and grandchildren to buy gifts for. These attendees are also not shy about purchasing items for themselves to decorate their new homes – a perfect audience for works of art and sports memorabilia. Besides being a significant source of revenue for your organization, a silent auction filled with sensational sports and art adds another dimension to your event. It provides a great draw for your guests and another great reason for people to attend your event.

There are some subtle differences in planning Jewish fundraising dinner dances and gala dinners.

Dinner dances are frequently held in the temple (and occasionally a small catering hall or country club), while galas are usually held in hotel ballrooms and large catering halls to accommodate a larger audience.

While dinner dances are dressy (suits for men, dresses for women), galas are formal (black-tie required or optional for men, gowns and formal ware for women).

The ticket price of a gala is significantly higher and galas will frequently have one or more celebrity honorees, while a dinner dance may have a local honoree or award winner.

Both are sit-down dinners, which enable you to have a captive audience for 4-6 hours. Your guests have made a commitment to you for an entire evening and this is more than likely going to be the only thing they are doing that night. Your guests will want to stay, eat, drink, dance and unwind – it is a relaxed crowd. This adds up to a successful silent auction formula:

Large Number of Attendees + Good Demographics of Attendees + Dedication of Attendees to the Specific Charity = Successful Silent Auction

Jewish fundraisers, particularly temple building fundraising, are usually put together with the help of overworked congregation volunteers. Don’t fret; if your event is in the New York Metro area, Signature Auctions has a silent auction solution to meet your specific needs.

Please call us at 1-888-4-BID-UPS (1-888-424-3877) or contact us at Signature Auctions so we can discuss your auction needs for your next event.