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Silent auctions, charity golf tournaments and sports memorabilia.

Running Charity Balls & Dinner Dances

Since 1997, Signature Auctions has professionally conducted and managed fundraising auctions for non-profits and event planners. Our fabulous selection of authentic sports memorabiliacelebrity itemsfine artwork and experience packages has ensured the success of the live and silent auctions at their charity balls and dinner dances.

And by utilizing Signature Auctions NO RISKNO COST auction consignment services, these charities and event planners have enhanced their events while eliminating their auction burden.

Balls and dinner dances are superb fundraising events for charities with an even mix of men and women. Why have an auction that ignores half of your audience? With Signature Auctions’ terrific mix of sports memorabilia and fine art, your auction will keep ALL of your guests captivated. Charity balls and dinner dances also provide an excellent demographic with attendees with large amounts of disposable income.

These gift buyers make a silent auction the cornerstone of a charity fundraiser. With this optimal mix of guests, a silent auction (possibly in conjunction with a live auction) with sports memorabilia and artwork is sure to provide a significant revenue stream for your organization. The silent auction will also provide a great draw for your guests and a driving force for attendance.

Tips & Advice For Charity Balls & Dinner Dances

To ensure a seemless event, it is vital to have a good rapport with the venue/catering manager. Nothing makes an event more difficult than last minute surprises. The venue/catering manager should be aware of your need for tables and coverings for the silent auction and most importantly the location of the auction.

The silent auction area should be accessible to the attendees during cocktail hour and during dinner. Frequently, cocktails are in one room while dinner is in another – it is crucial that the guests can access the items easily so they can track their bids and drive the prices up.

The evening’s host and entertainment are also a valuable resource in promoting the auction. By making frequent announcements and reminders, the competitive juices of the audience will be stirred and you will achieve superior auction results at your charity ball.

Since charity ball and dinner dance auctions have a captive audience for 4-6 hours, the auction should run for 75% of the event to maximize bidding. Always end the auction before dessert is served so that the winners can be announced before they depart. Some guests will leave early, but it is in everyone’s interest to secure payment from as many people as possible since tracking down winners after the event can be time consuming. We are also big proponents of a conspicuous checkout area close to where the auction is held.

Charity balls and dinner dances are often put together with the help of a small and overworked staff. Facilitating a silent auction (and a live auction) takes a substantial amount of time and effort.

Getting donated items for your auction is great, but often procuring these items will consume significant amounts of time that can be better spent selling tables and promoting the event.

Don’t fret; if your event is in the New York Metro areaSignature Auctions has a silent auction solution to meet your needs and relieve your auction burden.

Please call Signature Auctions at 1-888-4-BID-UPS (1-888-424-3877) or email us today so we can discuss your your next charity fundraiser.