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Running Church Fundraisers

Depending on the size of your church fundraising group and the financial goals for your fundraiser, there are many ways for churches to raise funds in addition to the traditional donation drive.

Many churches have found that fundraising done in conjunction with a dinner, dinner dance or gala event generates a great deal of community interest and support, and provides a fun evening out where your guests can enjoy each other’s company, bid on fun auction items and help their church all at once. In addition, a church fundraiser of this type encourages and provides an opportunity for supporters outside your parish to contribute to your church’s fundraising goals.

A silent auction filled with sensational sports and entertainment memorabilia is one of the most effective church fundraising ideas because it adds an additional dimension to your event. It provides a great draw for your guests and another reason for people to attend your fundraiser. Best of all, a fundraising auction can provide a significant revenue source for your church.

Signature Auctions is a leading provider of authentic sports and entertainment memorabilia as well as artwork for live and silent auctions at church fundraisers.

For Christian organizations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Signature Auctions can also organize a stand-alone Live Art Auction Event that will raise thousands of dollars for your group with no financial risk. You will achieve your fundraising goals and treat your supporters to an exciting and entertaining evening featuring 150-175 elegantly framed works of art along with a smattering of sports memorabilia. For more information on our Live Auction Events, please click here.

Church fundraising events are usually put together with the help of many overworked volunteers. With all the details and guests to attend to, Signature Auctions has two programs to relieve you of the silent auction burden.

When planning a church fundraiser, some tips to consider include:

  • Build a strong organizing committee – include a diverse range of church members with a variety of talents and contacts. It can also help to include at least one member with local media contacts.
  • Food service is important – keep your participants full, hydrated and happy throughout the fundraiser.
  • Publicize – let the media know about your event well in advance. If your organizing committee includes a member with media contacts, ask him or her to supply them with a press kit including a press release with information about the fundraiser, your church and the goals you hope to achieve.
  • Get volunteers to help – recruit interested volunteers with a range of talents from your church’s members, community and support base and give them useful jobs to do, such as meeting and greeting, helping guests find their seats, and explaining how auctions work to those who ask.
  • Prepare timelines – map out a schedule for all preparations with dates and responsibilities, and create a schedule for the events on the day of your church fundraiser.

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